The Curbwise Report

Getting your home's valuation lowered can mean significant savings come tax time. We're talking hundreds of dollars per year. But it's up to you to prove why you deserve it. That's where we come in.

Ready to protest? We can help.

The Curbwise Report will help you decide whether you have a good case for an appeal. The report identifies a list of comparable properties and other key indicators about your home and the houses nearby.

For $19.95, we'll give our analysis based on these criteria:

  • An assessment/sales ratio analysis, showing how prices for area homes that have sold recently compare with their valuations. The report contains a list of recent sales in your area and information about each one.
  • The average valuation per square foot for nearby similar houses and how your house compares. Your report contains a list and information on similar houses in the area
  • The average price per square foot of similar homes that sold recently and how your own home's valuation compares. Your report contains a list of nearby comparable houses that sold recently, including price per square foot.

Get started

The report also includes detailed information about how the assessor values properties and a page of tips for strengthening your case for appeal.

Having trouble? Drop us a line. We'll get in touch and walk you through the steps.

Curbwise Report sample

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